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Company Profile

SEP, is a Total Solutions Engineering & Design , Procurement Management, and Construction & Project Management (EPCM) service provider, and is also striving to become a leader in process and packaging design.

SEP is a Total Solutions Engineering & Design , Procurement Management, and Construction & Project Management (EPCM) service provider, and is striving to become a leader in process and packaging design. We have undertaken and successfully completed over 200 projects domestically and globally. some are highly innovative projects.
We are headquartered in Beijing and have branch offices in Shanghai, Florida and Ho Chi Minh city. SEP is also a consortium partner with The Haskell Company, Precision Distribution Consultants (PDC), PET Terra Systems (PTS), and CSMI.


Our mission is to provide a total solution EPCM solution for our clients in China. Our key focus will be the  Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Logistics, and Healthcare  industries in the coming years. Our people have a combined experience in successfully completed more than 60 projects in China. Majority of our projects come from repeat customers and referrals, and this shows the high level of trust, confidence, and loyalty  we enjoy in our customers.

Our vision is to be become trusted total solutions EPCM service provider, and also a leader in Process & Packaging Design in the coming years.


  • Integrity: Ethical behavior is the cornerstone of SEP, and we will build our company on a reputation of honesty and fairness. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason. Through integrity, we earn the trust of our employees, partners, associates and our clients.
  • People are Our Greatest Asset: At SEP, we strive to create a team that is talented, capable and dedicated to succeed not only in China but in the Global market place as well. We believe that with empowered teams comes the ability to produce creative solutions and constantly grow by self-development.
    We are dedicated to seeking out the best talent in China that is required to meet and exceed customer expectation and that will also enrich all the stakeholders of SEP. We are devoted to providing the safest working environments possible coupled with an organization the has a strong team sprite along with each team member having a strong sense of caring for each other.
    SEP leadership will provide the tools and training necessary for success, while insuring a safe environment and an organization based on growth through harmony, dedication and a passion for what we do.
  • Financial Responsibility: Being cost aware is crucial to our success and that of our Clients. At SEP,  we not only focus cost control but being cost effective. Financially viable is critical to insuring the health of the company , our employees, our suppliers and super ordinate is that of our customers.  Through our core values we aim to compete with the top names in the industry while maintaining excellence in service and standards.
  • Sustainability: The aspect of sustainability is built into everything we do, firstly as in relates to sustaining, improving the environment but also with the understanding that the social and economic aspects enhanced in partnership with the efforts, investment and execution.

Engineering & Design

Our Engineering & Design services includes architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection disciplines. We are able to carryout concept design, detailed design (with Local Design Institute Partnership), design review and management for our clients. We are also capable in providing value-added services such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Sustainability & LEED Certifications.

Project & Construction Management

Our Project & Construction Management services includes  due-diligence, site-selection, permitting, procurement, budget estimation, design management, health safety and environmental (HSE) management, quality management, schedule management, cost management, and sustainability management.

Process & Packaging Design

Our Process & Packaging Design Service includes material handling and distribution, packaging systems, manufacturing consulting, system analytic and modeling.


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