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Consortium Members



DEFINITION of our Consortium
A group made up of two or more companies that work together toward achieving a chosen objective. In our case to provide the best possible product by gaining access to the best resources whether local or global, with an emphasis on surgically using these groups to minimize cost for the customer, yet providing the client with the best on ground capabilities as needed. Each entity within the consortium is only responsible to the group in respect to the obligations that are set out in the consortiums. Meaning we act as sub-contractor or contractor as client prefers, allowing a local approach and administration for keeping it as simple as possible, yet providing services that are global in standard. Therefore, every entity that is under the consortium remains independent in his or her normal business operations and works are coordinated as it is related to the consortium. Overall these are companies with a great deal of trust in each other and have shared values on how to operate with a focus on the best product possible for the customer, client. Our members are PDC, CSMI, PETS, and Haskell all with a particular specialty that enhances our works in China, as a Fully Owned and Operating Engineering Chinese Company.



Haskell, delivers full service engineering, design and building solutions to move your enterprise, and is a worldwide provider with a “Best in Class” reputation. When it comes to capital projects, nothing should be left to chance. Especially your success.

Reduce your project risk
Navigating growth is a struggle for every organization. That’s why our focus is much broader than simply winning a contract. We excel most when crafting facility and manufacturing system solutions that achieve maximum performance while limiting associated risk.

Deliver success
We embrace our client’s initiatives as our own and respond with work that is inspired, strategic, cost-effective and well executed, ensuring that you achieve your objectives.

Green, sustainability
our team of 109 LEED® accredited professionals has produced a sustainable project portfolio in excess of $1.1 billion.

Haskell services address your entire facility
For decades, we’ve led the industry with facility design-build. We now leverage that expertise with complete systems design and integration of manufacturing and processing systems. We address the facility, as well as the process, packaging and material handling systems inside, providing full Engineer, Procure and Construct (EPC) services that result in a complete, reliable manufacturing solution.

Key contact is Matthew Chang, PE, LEED Cert., License Contractor,, web site,



A Scientific Approach
PTS was founded on the philosophy that a rigorous scientific approach to processing and engineering was needed within the plastic container manufacturing and beverage industries. Our work in these industries remains a core competency that differentiates PTS from other firms. Today we offer comprehensive services to clients across a variety of industries.

Our Methodology

PTS emphasizes a scientific design process which utilizes a variety of statistical tools (SPC, DOE, etc.). Equipment, layout, and infrastructure performance are constantly reviewed and improved by the design team with each new project.
PTS is respected within the food and beverage and plastic packaging industries for providing state of the art facility design and for our ability to consistently meet fast-track project schedules without sacrificing quality or budget.
The company is owned and run by a carefully assembled team of some of the most experienced and capable engineers in the packaging industry.
Key contact is Paul Clark, President and founder, owner, with over 40 years of Global experience, regarded as one of the industry’s leading integrators, design layout and self-manufacturing expects in the industry today., phone: 770-445-2233,



Precision Distribution Consultants, Inc. (PDC) is an independent engineering consulting firm specializing Logistics Strategy and Warehouse Design. PDC provides engineering, operations, and business consulting services to our clients worldwide.
We assist companies in developing a logistics and warehouse roadmap:

PDC, led by Greg Ellis, President is regarded as a premier leader in providing logistics, sizing, and operational, costing, productivity in both developed and emerging markets globally. Greg, is the key contact, at email:, phone: 717-718-3234, ext.102, web site:



CSMI is uniquely experienced in packaging conversions and process improvements globally; also consulting on manufacturing specifications including building, production, and packaging. Our current experience in Asia (China & Southeast Asia) and the Middle East includes optimizing current manufacturing facilities & production lines for enhanced safety and productivity.
Our clients such as Kraft Foods, PepsiCo, Hillshire Brands, General Mills, Nestle, Ecolab, and BP benefit from a single project throughout their initiatives worldwide.
• Asian American Woman Owned – Dr. Karen Eng, fully certified Minority Owned Business
Key contact is Dr. Karen Eng, President, Owner, with extensive experience with the Food, beverage industry in both domestic and International. , Email:, phone: 847-605-1055, web site: