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Procurement & Cost Management

Procurement & Cost Management

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SEP provides Procurement & Cost Management service that aims to achieve highest value for your project.
Our local quantity surveyors have detailed knowledge of the capabilities and qualities of the contractors and suppliers active in the markets in which we operate. We can quickly identify the most suitable ones for your needs and ensure competitive procurement through properly structured bidding that achieves an optimal mix of price, quality and reliability.
You are actively involved in this process and retain control of contractor and supplier selection, but you benefit from our experience and buying power.

The following provides the key scope of services that we can provide:

Procurement Management

  • Pre-Tender (Long/Short list, RFP, SOW)
  • Tender (Interview, Clarification)
  • Post (Evaluation, Recommendation)


Cost Management

  • Budget Estimation Plan
  • Value-Engineering
  • Cost & Benefit Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • Cost Control & Management
  • Change Order Management
  • Cash flow Forecast
  • Cost Sensitivity Analysis