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Project Manager (Location-Project Site)

Job Description:

1、 Independently lead and manage project plans to provide project management services to clients
2、Participate in reviewing design / construction drawings and provide suggestions
3、Fully responsible and deliver the project’s budget, schedule, and quality of completion, with regular site visits / resident presence
4、Management and coordination of civil engineering / mechanical / procurement / cost / subcontractor and other related team colleagues, and give professional advice
5、Manage project quotation and bidding
6、Lead and manage the project consultant team

Please note: this position needs to be stationed on the project site!


1、Bachelor’s degree in engineering management, civil engineering, electromechanical or other related construction engineering
2、8+ years working experience, 6+ years construction management experience and project team management experience
3、Familiar with cost control, quality monitoring, project schedule management and environmental health management
4、Excellent text editing ability, with experience in bidding
5、Fluent oral and written Chinese and English
6、Have a certain background understanding of relevant government regulations and procedures
7、Project management experience in the food and FMCG industries is preferred
8、Experience in project management of foreign-funded enterprises is preferred
9、Good communication skills, team leader and team work spirit
10、Pay attention to customer needs and have excellent customer service awareness

Project assistant(Location-Project Site)

Job Description:

1、 Assist the project manager in handling daily work affairs, including participating in tracking project progress, entry procedures, application for construction, progress reports, etc.
2、Assist in the preparation of business tenders, service proposals, quotation documents, business contracts, etc.
3、Assist the project manager in the management of engineering materials and drawings, and the processing of engineering documents
4、Assist in the preparation, arrangement and filing of visa information for both parties during the construction process
5、Organize department meetings to follow up the progress of various affairs
6、Other events accounted by the leaders


1、Bachelor degree or above, graduated in engineering major
2、College English level 4 or above
3、More than 3 years of work experience
4、Familiar with engineering document management process, proficient in Project, CAD and other basic office software
5、Good teamwork spirit, strong sense of responsibility and careful work
6、Strong coordination and communication skills and complete industrial project experience
7、This post requires permanent residence or frequent trips to the construction site

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