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Material Handling & Distribution

Material Handling & Distribution

The material handling and distribution systems can have wide complexity and many different applications. SEP provides effective solutions in conjunction with our partners who are extremely specialized in this subject matter that can range from standard racking to fully automated systems that use sophisticated technologies. Material handling and distribution systems are controlled by the most modern custom software available in international market. All material handling and distribution systems have some common characteristics. We can offers premium design solutions that provide efficiency of material flow, easy access to systems, optimal space utilization and provide for minimum amount of contacts. We effectively use your capital to provide you most value for your money and unmatched quality.

This requires working with a “best in class partner”, PDC, Precision Distribution Consulting from the United States in order to insure the most cost effective and a solid working solution that is beyond hardware that incorporates a process that allows for delivering the expected outcome. Of course our China resources are leveraged in order to keep cost competitive coupled with in country communications in mandarin language and complimented with “in country” engineering expertise. With that said we do not limit ourselves on sourcing expertise. We will work with groups, partners where the best expertise can be sourced regardless of country, region, province, etc. PDC represents a great example of sourcing the best to provide our customers with a “best in class” working solution.

Our rigorous engineering process and targeted tools, like design simulation, emulation for testing controls and capacity analysis for planning helps us to analyze the minutes during the implementation process. Our portfolio exhibits the variety of technologies that we have implemented in different markets located in various parts of the globe. Our highly professional and experienced engineers design efficient systems that are able to meet all the requirements of the project and which move the products to their respective markets faster. We adopt a disciplined approach for creating a distinctive and powerful formula that can achieve and exceed core business objectives and increase ROI.

For more background on Precision Distribution Consulting, PDC see web site,, or contact Greg Ellis, President at phone USA, 717-718-3234 (Ext 102) or email, however we recommend you contact us in order to provide oversight and to help with coordination and translation.