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Manufacturing Consulting

Manufacturing Consulting

With SEP, you can achieve highest production efficiency and performance benchmarks for your manufacturing process. We provide a sustainable optimal manufacturing floor that is modern and cost efficient.SEP brings lean methodologies and modern technologies to your production lines in such a way that they are not complex anymore. We understand that there are high stakes involved in rehabbing the old operational lines and in designing new lines. Our specialists ensure that you get maximum performance and face minimum risks.

SEP designed and reformed systems are optimized for maximum efficiency,minimum wastage and reliability. We use all our business, manufacturing and packaging resources, Including those of our partners, to the table for most comprehensive consulting and solution building. Our ultimate goal is that you achieve success through our sound strategies and tactical implementations. Our expertise and experience are evident in our portfolio and comes from our successfully completed manufacturing consulting projects.

Together with our consortium Partners, PET Terra Systems, CSMI, PDC, we are able to provide the following services:

  • Lean manufacturing methodologies & modern technologies for production lines
  • Optimal manufacturing floor design
  • Production line effectiveness, assessment or measurement of specific equipment
  • Design and reform manufacturing line system to optimize efficiency, minimize wastage